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Sterilization Containers

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The Advantages of Using
Sterile Container Systems

Sterilization Containers

Sterilization containers are manufactured as an alternative to the packaging methods of each surgical instruments separately with sterilization rolls and the pouching method with the disposable sterilization wraps. However, the sterilization method with containers has various advantages with the difference from these two traditional methods.

It can be misperceived that disposable products are low cost and more economical, however, It is generally ignored the fact that these products should be disposed and becomes out of use. When long-term calculations are made, it is found out that using containers are more economical for sterilization method. Additionally, wraps used for pouching method can be deformed during the sterilization cycle or while carrying. This causes an improper sterilization cycle and the sterility of instruments cannot be ensured. This situation requires the instruments to be placed in the autoclaves for a new sterilization process again. Additional costs and loss of time can be prevented by using aluminium sterilization containers.

Disposable products contain paper and plastic materials. This causes piles of waste after every use. Environmental pollution caused by wastes of disposable products can be prevented by use of sterilization container systems.

Sterilization method with container systems is safer than the other methods. Sterilization containers can keep the instruments sterile during 6 months if the lid is never opened and the container is kept under the good and proper storage conditions.

The containers can be moved more easily and safely with the use of stainless steel handles and antibacterial and resistant to high temperature silicone covering through the handles (optional for customers).

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