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Welcome at Orthomedical GmbH

Ortho-Medical, founded in 1997, is specialized in the worldwide distribution of modern medicine technical equipment, instruments and systems for implantation. Ortho-Medical only offers products of the highest quality which meet the most sophisticated demands.
Ortho-Medical aspires to be – and to be recognized by the medical profession as – the best orthopedic surgical instrument company. We will achieve this position by passionately pursuing excellence and by dedicating ourselves to improving the quality of life of everyone who interacts with us, particularly those individuals who rely on our products to heal and to cure.
Ortho-Medical has implemented and maintains a Quality Management System acc. DIN EN ISO 13485 and its corresponding annexes.
A professionally trained sales team, permanently brought up to date on state-of-the-art technics by trainings and internal education is responsible for your satisfaction. Ortho-Medical keeps an open mind towards new products and developments and is always ready for a professional consultation.

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