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This new generation of neuro/spinal punches features universal color coding for quick identification of the bite size - saving valuable time in the OR. The comfortable silicone-coated handle provides improved tactile feel and increases surgeon comfort, same solid and responsive feel as the traditional all-stainless instruments. Available bite sizes 1 to 5 mm. Finish options for the stainless shaft include: brushed-stainless, chrome-coating, TiN- or TiAlN-coating for better contrast and glare resistance.

ORLOS II Small Fragment
Locking Plate System

The ORLOS Locking Plate System of the company Ortho-Medical GmbH (OM) is a multi directional and angle stable implant system for small fragments based on the internal fixateur principle. The ORLOS system is designed to treat diaphyseal, metaphyseal as well as intra-articular (epiphyseal) fractures of small bones. All OM products result out of a joint development of experienced clinicians and our engineers. This successful cooperation results in providing products to meet the anatomical and functional requirements of the respective sites due to their pre-contoured and low- profile design and to provide an almost unrestricted operative treatment ranging from simple to comminuted fractures.